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Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, is known worldwide for its Little Mermaid. If the photographic interest of this icon is relatively limited (or non-existent) the Danish capital has many other assets in its pocket. It is above all a city where life is good and that makes it is very pleasant to discover it during the time of an extended weekend. Copenhagen is also a bit of a capital of gastronomy since one can find there the best restaurant in the world (Noma). Danish cuisine is a very simple but inventive cuisine, always turned to organic and local products. Beautiful to see and good to eat!

November 2017

10 days in Sicily

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Follow me on the picturesque roads of Sicily for a ten days road trip from Palermo (Northwest of the island) to Taormina (eastern side) and let me discover stunning cities and antic places (check out the map at the end of the story for a complete overview of my journey).

October 2017

Colorful London

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If you think that London is a sad and grey city, you are totally wrong. London is one of the most colorful city I have ever visited. Not only for its world famous red phone booths but also for the lovely colored houses, doors and windows. Either flashy like near Convent Garden or pastel like in Notting Hill.

July 2017

From Santorini, with love

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After having seen Mykonos and Amorgos, visiting Santorini is like the cherry on the cake. If there is one thing you MUST see in the Cycladic Islands it's definitely Santorini. So prepare your eyes, open them wide and follow me in the discovery of one of the most stunning destination in Greece and start with the cutest part of Santorini: Oìa.

7 days in Amorgos

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Remember the movie "Le Grand Bleu" (The Big Blue) from French Director Luc Besson? If you were a teenager in the 80's you were probably deeply touched by this movie that has marked an entire generation. So, if you know the movie, you already know Amorgos. Or at least some of its famous spots (Hozoviotissa Monastery, the streets of Chora, Olympia shipwreck and Agia Anna chapel).

April 2017


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The city meant for lovers is also definitively meant for photographers. There is so much to enjoy there if you love taking picture, everything is so picturesque. Nevertheless, what you need to know if you want to explore Venice thoroughly is that you are going to walk a lot. And when I say a lot I really mean a lot!

October 2015


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Madrid is above all an art of living like a Spanish. Streets are still almost empty at 10am, restaurants are still crowded in the middle of the afternoon or very late in the evening. It is also a city where one can find himself out of time by visiting the Royal Palace and its sumptuous decors or by strolling in the park of Retiro, haven of peace in the heart of the Spanish capital.

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