July 2016

Grand Canyon National Park

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Coming from Page, after having seen the fantastic Lower Antelope Canyon, we were heading towards Grand Canyon National Park. On our road, we made a stop a Little Colorado Gorge. We were already impressed by the incredible view on the Canyon but that was only the appetizer as compared to what we were going to experience when we will reach the south rim of Grand Canyon.

Arches National Park

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Started from Vegas, our road trip now reaches its eastern bound in Utah at Arches National Park. We did not go further eastward in the American Southwest. We were now settled for 2 nights in Moab with the firm intention to see with our own eyes the symbol of Utah: Delicate Arch in the heart of Arches NP.

On the road to Moab

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After 2 days at Bryce Canyon it is time to take the road again moving further towards east of Utah. But before reaching Moab and Arches NP, we had a full day driving and had to pass through other parks that finally deserved the stop: Kodachrome Basin State Park and Capitol Reef National Park.

Bryce Canyon National Park

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Our journey continues towards Utah. After a fantastic hike in Zion, it is time to discover the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. We arrived late in the afternoon at the Bryce Canyon Lodge, right in the heart of the park and we just had time to empty the trunk of our car and take possession of our room for the night. It was already time to get to the Rim and reach Sunset Point to not miss the event of the end of afternoon.

Zion National Park

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These were my first days into the wild west and one of the first steps in my discovery of the Western America National Parks. After a 4 days stay in New York, we left JFK early morning on a flight to Vegas. We only did a short stop there just time for a lunch and some shopping at Walmart to gather equipment we needed for our road-trip. Actually, we knew were were going to be back here a few days later and that we will then have plenty of time to enjoy the city of sins.

Four days in New York

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During these first hours in Big Apple I wanted to feel the atmosphere of the city like if I was establishing the contact. As a consequence, I did take very few shots that first day preferring feeling the mood. After I left my luggage at the hotel (near Penn Station) I just had time to go south in the Flatiron District, stroll around and met some squirrels in Madison Square, it was already time for dinner.