3 days, 4 itineraries to discover the Danish capital

Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, is known worldwide for its Little Mermaid. If the photographic interest of this icon is relatively limited (or non-existent) the Danish capital has many other assets in its pocket. It is above all a city where life is good and that makes it is very pleasant to discover it during the time of an extended weekend.

Halfway between Stockholm and Amsterdam, Copenhagen impresses its two “neighbors”. At the same time Scandinavian, with its very colorful houses and low buildings, and batave with its multitude of canals which cross the city. It is not for nothing that it is nicknamed “Little Amsterdam”.

On the paved quays, one discovers beautiful mansions and old houses of shipowners and, on the other side of the grand canal, the breathtaking architecture of the Royal Library (Black Diamond).

Finally, Copenhagen is also a bit of a capital of gastronomy since one can find there the best restaurant in the world (Noma). Danish cuisine is a very simple but inventive cuisine, always turned to organic and local products. Beautiful to see and good to eat!

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