Paros, Naxos & Adios !

Summer in the Cycladic Islands   •   Part 4

Any good trip comes to an end, and my summer greek islands trip is approaching its final destination.

After Mykonos, Amorgos and Santorini, this epic journey is reaching Paros and Naxos. Two of the largest islands in the Cyclades.

If I can jump directly to the conclusion I would say that visiting Paros and Naxos after two of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades (Amorgos and Santorini) was finally not a good choice. Not because these two islands do not deserve to be seen. But, you know, when you have two dishes to taste you make things to finish with the one you expect to be the best in order to go from the worst to the best and finish on a good note.

With Paros and Naxos, it was the same.

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