The city that is not meant for lovers only


Not any cars in the street, only walkers and gondolas. Fore sure we are in Venice !

The city meant for lovers is also definitively meant for photographers. There is so much to enjoy there if you love taking picture, everything is so picturesque.

Nevertheless, what you need to know if you want to explore Venice thoroughly is that you are going to walk a lot. And when I say a lot I really mean a lot!

During my stay of 2 days and half I have walked nearly 60 kilometers ! Yes 60. During the second day I even achieved a semi marathon ! Actually, Venice is not that big. For example, it would take you less than 30 minutes to go from Fondamente Nove (at the north) to St Mark’s Square or Doge’s Palace (at the south). The thing is, when you do it several time a day, at the end it makes a huge count of footsteps!


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