Zion National Park

Summer in the American Southwest   •   Part 1


These were my first days into the wild west and one of the first steps in my discovery of the Western America National Parks.

After a 4 days stay in New York, we left JFK early morning on a flight to Vegas. We only did a short stop there just time for a lunch and some shopping at Walmart to gather equipment we needed for our road-trip. Actually, we knew were were going to be back here a few days later and that we will then have plenty of time to enjoy the city of sins.

Before leaving Nevada, we decided to enjoy our time on the road with a little detour by the Valley of Fire State Park where we first faced the intensive temperature (more than 40°C already!).

It was a great introduction to what we were about to experience in the coming days: the red rocks, the crazy lines and the incredible landscapes.

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