Death Valley National Park


Summer in the American Southwest    •   Part 8


Coming from Grand Canyon, after more than a week into the wild through Utah and Arizona, it was time to go back to the civilization. Going West towards California, we could not escape a stop in the amazing Las Vegas.

What was the most surprising apart from the suffocating heat is the crowded streets of Las Vegas and particularly on the “strip”. After days in the natural wonders of Utah and Arizona, we were not used anymore of having so many people around us.

The first thing that came to my mind when trying to define Las Vegas was Disney World, But Disney World power 10 ! Everything is really crazy there! Strolling on the strip you can travel all around the world from New York to Egypt or from Paris to Venice.

Of course we took some time to go to the casino to spend some dollars on the cash machines but we were not lucky enough to make some cash back 😉 Anyway, that was for fun and we were here for that.

After 2 days in the Sin City, which was more than enough, we took our car back and headed towards Death Valley. We were knowing is was going to be hot, but we were far away from imagining how extremely hot is was actually going to be…


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